Secret Archives in Poland – True or False?

Secret Archives in Poland – True or False?

We were approached by a mysterious informer

4th of May 20016, Wednesday. editorial staff receives a first electronic message. At the beginning we all think that it is a bad joke. „The email’s outgoing server is located in China.” Said our IT guy. „Someone prefers to remain anonymous at any cost. Strange.”

We decide to reply that we are interested in the materials, considering it as a great joke. „If the guy’s message contains any grain of truth, we have a real bombshell here.” Said the editor-in-chief. We will play this strange game. Next incoming messages urge us all to hold our breaths. I guess we all think the same.

And if it’s true?

Shocking proposal

„Let’s imagine, purely hypothetically, that a person’s villa is gutted. And it is a very important person. Later the person dies”. Our whistle-blower wrote. „When the person was still alive noting could be done. But it is possible now.”(we do not know what events and who our informer is talking about, we can only suspect, editorial staff’s annotation.) He was supposed to have an entire archive. When they came looking, they found several files only. The rest had been taken. Some people came, they always come in such situations to prevent things to ever see the light of day. They took what they wanted and nothing more. Professionals. These documents included information on certain issues, very strange issues. A great deal of data, accounts of people and witnesses, memos, drawings. Plenty of it. I have these documents. I can sell them for 50 thousand Polish zlotys.”

We obviously immediately thought that it is a fraud, an attempt to extort a large sum of money. Intrigued, we decided to start negotiations. The story seemed to be too intriguing to let it go just like that. We asked our „informant” directly, why will he not take this scoop to one of widely-read and popular newspaper or a TV station. They would be interested in buying such news for sure. His answer was surprising to say the least: „They will not broadcast nor publish it. They have too much to lose, a certain group of people will see to it. I would only expose myself”

We truthfully wrote him back that we currently do not have enough money to buy these materials, as we are just a team of independent enthusiasts and do not have large funding. We shall agree, however, to transfer a certain sum of money in exchange for selected documents and some extracts from secret files. Only then we will be able to judge their credibility in collaboration with our Readers, and we will have an extremely interesting topic for the series of articles. We guaranteed that over the time we will be able to transfer the full sum of money in exchange for original documents. Quit surprisingly, our informer sent us scans of the documents. We are not experts, but the story looked nothing less than puzzlingly. Perhaps we were dealing with some kind of a mystification – we are not sure about that and we decide to share materials that we bought from our informer by transferring a certain amount of money to an indicated account held in bitcoin unofficial currency. The materials we will be publishing were thrown into our colleague’s mailbox at the night of 14 to 15 May, after we had transferred the amount of money that we would like to keep in secret.

We wish to stress here that we are not absolutely convinced about credibility of this information and these documents, so we leave it to each Reader to decide. However, the case seems interesting enough to describe it in detail. We do not know who our „mysterious informant” might be. Perhaps, this will turn out in due time. The story has a potential and we will keep you informed about everything.

First memo – a strange discovery on the outskirts of Poznań:

Poland, Poznań, 12th of May 82

SYGN. 00/238/120182


CC. Józef Beim

Internal Memo

Today I was on duty in the area of Morasko village near Poznań. (currently these lands are within administrative boundaries of Poznań, editorial’s staff annotation) It was almost eight in the evening. We were deployed in the forest. Me and Lance-Corporal Mogliński noticed three young people running somewhere. The above persons were moving very fast, we thought they started to dash away when the saw us. This is why we decided to chase them.

We stopped a radio car and run in their direction. The suspects did not react when we screamed „Citizen Militia”, and they continued to flee. Pursuant to the TP 124/12/80 recommendation, we started to suspect that they may possess illegal materials. Therefore, we fired two warning shots into the air. Runaways finally stopped. They looked as if they did not know what was happening.

When we approached them with Lance-Corporal Mogliński we told them to lay down on the ground and we searched them all. Suspects did not have any illegal materials nor other dangerous items or weapons.

We wanted to check their identity, but the captured men did not have any personal documents on them. Three boys, sixteen to seventeen years old. They seemed extremely terrified, it was difficult to communicate with them. They were answering in a ridiculous way, shouting some strange things: „white light”, „it chases us”, „triangle on the sky”, „run”.

Me and Lance-Corporal Mogliński decided that the suspects were under the influence of a sniffing glue or a hallucinogenic chemical substance. We did not fell any characteristic odor of an alcoholic drink. We handcuffed the suspects, took them to the squad car, and called the ambulance due to their physical condition. We also informed the Civic Militia’s HQ by radio. When we were waiting for the arrival of an emergency ambulance, that is around 20 minutes, one of the young men lost its consciousness, and the second began a panicky escape. To prevent the escape we used RMG 75 flame-thrower. When an emergency ambulance and a supporting squad car had arrived, the suspects were escorted to the hospital.

8:45 pm

Later, with the Lance-Corporal Mogliński we headed for the Morasko forest to search the area. We believed that suspects could have thrown away some illegal materials or dangerous items. But since we were not able to diagnose the situation, we decided that we should search the area to find possible material evidence.

We notified the Citizen Militia’s HQ and got the green light. It was getting dark already, so we took our torches and began the search. Lance-Corporal Mogliński suggested that we should enter the woods.

When we found ourselves between the trees, we heard a very strange noise. It was deep and pulsating. When we went in the direction of the sound, we noticed very unclear bright light between the trees. It was not very strong, but easy to spot from the distance of several dozen of meters, as it was already dark outside.

We could not decide whether we should call for support in such a case, as both sound and the light were very disturbing and very difficult to unambiguously categorize. Finally, however, we decided to check what it is.

We approached closer and saw an object laying on the ground. It had the size of a stone, thirty to forty centimeters. It was hard to find a good comparison for it. It reminded a lump of an incandescent white steel, which had been taken from the melting furnace, only it did not melt. The object retained its shape and it not emanated any increased temperature. It definitely was not hot, as there was grass and bushes growing around it which did not ignite. The object shed very bright, white light which was alternately illuminated or dimmed. There were quite loud pulsating sound in the background. Never before we have seen something like this.

We were afraid that the object might be radioactive, so we decided not to approach any nearer. We suspected that it might be a kind of a new weapon. This is when Lance-Corporal Mogliński pointed out that there is someone hiding in the forest. We both heard the crack of broken branches which crackled several times.

Despite numerous appeals and warnings urging someone to surrender, the intruder did not show his face. We decided that further stay in the forest may be dangerous, so we pulled out to quickly inform our parent HQ about the finding.

9:15 pm

When we were leaving the forest, Lance-Corporal Mogliński screamed that he noticed a strange shape which appeared between the trees. It reminded of human silhouette, but since it was already dark, we were not sure about this. Several times we urged a person from the forest to come out with raised hands. But the person remained hidden. So we decided to walk up in the direction. Then a bright glow appeared above the forest and we felt a strong gust of wind. It was so forceful that we had to bent down to remain standing. Then another light flared up – like a welding spark, but stronger. The flare transformed a night into a day. It lasted only for a second. Me and Lance-Corporal Mogliński had an impression that something hovered above the forest and disappeared.

We decided that it is too risky to hang around in the area, so we came back to our squad car, and called for support.

What I wish to stress here is that myself and Lance-Corporal Mogliński are perfectly sane people which has been proven by medical examinations. The course of events has been described in detail exactly as they happened.

Lance-Corporal Jerzy Rost


This is the end of this astounding memo. As you can judge by the photo it looks quite authentic. Other documents „delivered” to the mailbox during the night contain even more baffling facts. They, among others, include a secret report from the examination of a strange substance, as well as a letter with intriguing assumptions about the case. We have already read them. Let us just say that they are incredible. They tell a story of a secret mystery discovered by the Third Reich scientists.

We will publish these documents soon as well. Now we are waiting for your opinions and news. Is that true that we have all fallen victims to some mystification? To be honest we are lost in speculations and guesswork as well.

Yours sincerely,

Editorial Staff

Prawa autorskie

Wszelkie materiały (w szczególności: artykuły, opowiadania, eseje, wywiady, zdjęcia) zamieszczone w niniejszym Portalu chronione są przepisami ustawy z dnia 4 lutego 1994 r. o prawie autorskim i prawach pokrewnych oraz ustawy z dnia 27 lipca 2001 r. o ochronie baz danych. Jakiekolwiek ich wykorzystywanie poza przewidzianymi przez przepisy prawa wyjątkami, w szczególności dozwolonym użytkiem osobistym, jest zabronione.

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