just Breaking Bad… – Part 4

As I already mentioned, I have more interesting thing to do than peeping at my female work friends. I got interested in the chemical workshop. I decided to check my scientific skills and make some extra magic. I treated it a bit like a bonus for spending all days in this place. I am a great fan of Breaking Bad TV series. With keenness and enthusiasm I watched how a normal school teacher transforms into a brilliant manufacturer of the highest-quality methamphetamine. Now I had a huge chemical laboratory at my own disposal, fully equipped with a variety of substances and mixtures. It would be a sin to waste such a treasure. I decided to follow in Waltera White’s steps. I differed from him in terms of several matters. I wasn’t as good in chemistry as he was, and I didn’t have as valid reasons as he had to earn three million dollars in three months. I wanted to produce methamphetamine drug only to get a bang out of it. So, in-between examining computers, looking for lost carriers and licenses, I was poking and prying in the laboratory to master my masterpiece.

Above all, I had to decide which synthesis method should I choose. (N-Methyl)-2-Amine-1-Phenylpropane can be produced only using several methods, and the substrate availability was crucial for me. Thorough inspection of a set of chemical reagents convinced me to choose the reaction of benzyl-methylkethone with methyl-aniline chloride with subsequent product reduction by means of a tin chloride (II). Strangely enough, BMK was on stock in the laboratory. Strangely enough, because it is included on the list of limited trade substances as a substrate for amphetamine production. A lot of secrets were hidden in this laboratory. The problem was bigger with methyl-amine. I did not find the very substance or any of its salts. Doesn’t matter! I already had chloromethane in my metal tube, and I had sodium amide almost dissolved in benzene. Now I could transfer the gas through a suspension placed in a washer and methyl-amine hydrochloride will be pushed out from the solution automatically.

Fascinated, I look as another gas bubble flows through the suspension and transforms into my priceless substance. I cleaned the chemical intermediate by means of ethanol crystallization and appreciated it organoleptically. Not really impressive, but fifty millimeters fragmented half-half with water tickled my taste buds nicely.

Now it was enough to put BMK and hydrochloride in a one-liter flask, set a proper temperature on a heating panel, turn on the stirrer, stream some water to a reflux condenser… and wait. Some more addition of tin chloride, a second spared for reduction… and it is!

Well, I didn’t got any bluish crystals – film fiction is governed by its own laws. White powder needed to be purified in the crystallization process, but if there is a will, there is a way! I knew that product’s purity level depends not on the synthesis method, but rather on the amount of work devoted for purification of the received product. So I repeated the crystallization procedure three times. The final effect wasn’t overwhelming, but I had something decisively unavailable for an adventurer in no-go districts.

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