just Breaking Bad… – Part 2

After fifteen minutes, we entered into a building fenced by red and white tapes. We showed our badges to policemen guarding the entrance. We told them we are special forces responsible for checking the actual stock against data registered in the documents.

Girls went straight to the accountant room. I do not envy them. When I noticed all those box files and stacked papers, I just retreated from the room. I prefer to deal with more interesting things. I decided to explore the facility more meticulously.

An extensive laboratory riveted my attention. I have not seen any similar place since my studies at AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow.

Three freshly renovated lifts had featureless white ceramic lining. They housed evenly spaced magnetic stirrers fitted with electronically controlled heating panels. They were openly inviting to carry out some complex organic syntheses. Tables secured with non-flammable, polyaniline paint were covered with stacks of stands featuring a complicated system of clamping brackets with virgin-empty round bottomed flasks with two or three necks.

Lack of any gas installation, so typical for small workrooms, could have suggested sloppiness of the designers, but it was just a mask. Many work stations had brand new, shiny heating mantles along with modern auto-transformers. Everything was power-supplied electrically, which drastically reduced the risk of an accident. A person in charge of the laboratory was not only hipped on security issues, but was also the director’s white-headed boy. The laboratory was packed with expensive equipment, and it was evident by the look of security devices and gathered glass elements.

High above the table tops I noticed highest-quality chillers with indispensable rubber hoses that pumped cold water in and warmed water out directly to the sinks. Both „Liebigs” with simple cooling pipes and spiral ones could be used for alcohol distillation.

With some incredulity, I examined the collection of distributors of various capacities and Soxhlet extractor designed for the extraction of various substances from natural products. Foresight of people who worked here was stunning.

I was staring at the wealth of the laboratory equipment and my eyes were becoming brighter and lips were involuntarily opening to express my delight. Some plan came to my mind, but I wanted to wait with it a minute longer. It required huge gentleness and conviction that no one will find out about it.

After the reconnaissance we decided that we will come back next morning and share our duties. I already knew that digging this shit out would take us several months. All in all, what I hate most are such cases with fake documentation. But what to do. The situation was a blessing for my boss. He will not have to worry about new jobs for three upcoming months.


Prawa autorskie

Wszelkie materiały (w szczególności: artykuły, opowiadania, eseje, wywiady, zdjęcia) zamieszczone w niniejszym Portalu chronione są przepisami ustawy z dnia 4 lutego 1994 r. o prawie autorskim i prawach pokrewnych oraz ustawy z dnia 27 lipca 2001 r. o ochronie baz danych. Jakiekolwiek ich wykorzystywanie poza przewidzianymi przez przepisy prawa wyjątkami, w szczególności dozwolonym użytkiem osobistym, jest zabronione.

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