just Breaking Bad… – Part 1

I sat with a cup of coffee in a comfortable armchair, when my mobile suddenly rang. I somehow had a feeling that this is the end of my afternoon rest. My beloved company just couldn’t understand what private life means. It was the same this time. I picked up the phone reluctantly, but quickly transformed my voice from sad and pissed-off grumble to nice, professional and dovish trills.

„We have a big stink down here.” Booming voice announced in the receiver. My boss. I had the impression that his life was revolving only around company business. He seemed to sleep and eat in our premises. I would never suspect him of having any sex. He was so obsessed with his job that he couldn’t even begin to imagine what sexual intercourse is. I could have been mistaken, however. I never stayed with him for 24 hours per day or seven days in a week. Even though some of my work shifts lasted almost 48 hours.

„Hello, are you there!?” My boss’s voice shook me out of musing.

„Yes, I’m here, I’m here…” I said. „What time exactly should I arrive?” I surrendered.

„I want to see you in my office in half an hour! I heard a click of a phone being disconnected. I heaved a sigh. Subconsciously, I felt that I should forget about my free weekend.

I was striding along a long corridor with my coffee in a plastic cup. Since I could not drink it calmly in my house, I went to a nearby bar and ordered some stronger take away coffee. I felt my brain needs a caffeine injection. Otherwise, I could stop registering even the most basic facts from today’s meeting. I stood in front of my office door and through tilted blinds I noticed two women dressed in revealing miniskirts who were leaning against my boss’s desk.

„Lucky bastard!” I mumbled under my breath.

I entered inside.

„Oh, you are here! These ladies will work with you on this project. Ms. Aniela and Ms. Łucja. They both already have some experience with similar cases.” The boss explained.

The second girl, Łucja I think, was a really hot chick. I shook hands with both of them and focused on listening.

„There was a huge scandal in one of our units. The audit carried out by the Supreme Audit Office shown some irregularities in terms of income bookings over the last decade. Basically, everything is wrong. Even two trucks bought 3 years ago have not been included on any cost specifications. Verification of all the flimflams can last even several weeks. I already spoke about this with the ladies. Fortunately, they can devote their time during this period. I count on you also.” I never liked when he was addressing to me like this. But I could forgive him this manner of speaking. Well, he was a bit embarrassed by two wispy women dressed in miniskirts. Probably this was because it was such a rare view for him.

„I understand, sir. I will drive all of us there. We will take a look and verify the documents in the accounting division.” I said, heading towards the door.

„I sort of did it already” said Łucja. „It is about money laundering. You know, invoices do not match the actual goods on stock. Chief Executive lived like a king. For years no one did any stocktaking there. We suspect that the accountant must have taken some interesting profits from it also. She couldn’t have been that naive.” She briefed me quickly.

„So let’s go, we’ll check things on-site.”

Prawa autorskie

Wszelkie materiały (w szczególności: artykuły, opowiadania, eseje, wywiady, zdjęcia) zamieszczone w niniejszym Portalu chronione są przepisami ustawy z dnia 4 lutego 1994 r. o prawie autorskim i prawach pokrewnych oraz ustawy z dnia 27 lipca 2001 r. o ochronie baz danych. Jakiekolwiek ich wykorzystywanie poza przewidzianymi przez przepisy prawa wyjątkami, w szczególności dozwolonym użytkiem osobistym, jest zabronione.

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