In the May Rain

She looked through the shop window. She couldn’t be more surprised that the sun is shining despite such heavy rain. Or the other way round. The fleeting thought passed and she looked at a clock hanging on the wall. Two more hours and she will close it.

She moved to Poznań literally several months ago. She didn’t have any problems with finding a job. She felt like a fish in the pond working as a shop assistant. And the shop with bric-a-brac and antiques had quickly became her sanctuary. She really liked this job. And was really lucky as her bosses were understanding and friendly.

She sighed with serenity. There were no signs that someone will come, and she was already getting ready to make some coffee. At the same moment a small doorbell above the front door rang.

„Hello, may I wait here till the rain stops raining? I did not take an umbrella with me.” A tall blond openly admitted. He was smartly dressed in a well-fitted suit. He was holding a red rose in his hand.

„Right, no problem. I was about to make a coffee, do you want some too?” Amelia was famous for it. She was direct and very cordial.

„I’d love some.” Answered the surprised young man. The girl’s hospitality made him feel less stupid, now he didn’t feel ashamed that he came to the shop looking for shelter. He looked around.

„You own a very charming corner shop. So many interesting stuff!” He screamed to Amelia, who went out to a backroom for a moment.

„Thank you, but I am only working here”. She smiled, putting a tray with cups of black, aromatic liquid.

„Some cream?” She asked casually as if such unscheduled visits during a rainy day was a normal, everyday thing.

A moment of awkward silence approached.

„What a beautiful rose” Amelia said, taking a sip of exquisite coffee.

„This is for my girlfriend. Or rather may future girlfriend, I hope!” Said the boy enthusiastically.

„This is our next date. I hope that today we will officially become a couple.” He smiled, looking at the delicate petals of the queen of flowers. „I only hope it will stop raining in a moment. I can’t go there all wet, but it will be even worse if I am late.

„The rain will be over in a minute for sure.” May is so freakish this year.

The boy jumped to his feet suddenly. He dashed over to the shop window and went as white as a sheet. He noticed his chosen girl being hugged by another boy. She was typing something into her phone behind the stranger’s back. After a moment the boy heard the beep of an incoming message:

„I am sorry, but I can’t meet you today. I got sick. I guess it’s this bloody weather.”

The blond guy dashed to the door, pulling the knob. He got so irritated that he forgot how do they open. He didn’t manage to do it on time. In the meanwhile his future and would-be girlfriend got into a posh car with her „sickness”.

„F…ck!” The boy cursed coarsely. „Oops, beg me pardon.” He realized that he’s not alone here.

„Doesn’t matter…” I am so sorry…” Amelia looked at the boy with pity.

„I want to write her, call her, tell her what I think!”

„Stop it! You now it doesn’t make sense.” The shop assistant was trying to figure out how to cheer the stranger up.

„Look at this clock.” Amelia pointed her favorite timepiece.

„Yeah, I get it. Now you will tell me that the wounds are healed over the time. I know this line by heart.” The boy was really agitated.

„No. Well, not exactly.” The girl looked a bit embarrassed. „But that’s true that certain things require time. I wanted to say something else.

„What?” The boy seemed to be intrigued by this way of thinking.

„This is an elderly clock. I was told that it is an antique. The problem is that I am not an expert here.” Amelia laughed. „But the most important thing is who it comes across.”

„What do you mean?” The blonde guy gaped at her, not comprehending nothing.

„I do not work here for a long time. But I happened to be in the shop when someone sent it over. To be honest, if its future fortune was up to me, I would dump the clock into the garbage. Fortunately, I am not responsible for making the decisions here.” Amelia smiled again.

„What was wrong with it?” The young man was looking at the clock which was proudly ticking away another seconds.

„It was all battered, covered with a thick layer of dust. Fracture here, fracture there. Some elements were missing. And when we put the batteries inside, its hands didn’t even twitch. Fortunately, the store’s owner, Mr. Leszek, noticed some potential in it. He took it to a watchmaker. When it came back to us after two weeks, I barely recognized it. It was beautiful. I even apologized the clock inwardly that I called it a useless knick-knack.”

„Cool story. So what does it have to do with me?” The stranger was growing impatient.

„Nothing by force. Look, if the clock was stored in the previous owner’s place, it would be probably already lying on the landfill site for a long time. But it was patient and humble. And look at it – it’s now hanging on the exhibition. Many people who come here over admire it, and even want to buy it.”

„I bet the owner can earn an honest penny selling it.”

„It’s not for sale. But let’s go back to your education.” Amelia looked at the boy. „If this girl hurt you, let her free. Try to forgive and forget. Wait for someone who will make you really happy, so that you could blossom next to her and trust in her love. I guess it’ much better to be a beautiful clock in a cozy store than an unwanted piece of junk on someone’s attic.” Added the girl with a melodious tone.

„You are right. I will not write her. It doesn’t make sense to bear grudges. I do not want to behave like a bitter guy who broods over someone’s hypocrisy. It will be better if we will go separate ways.” The young guy was beaming with joy at last.

„Thank you for the splendid coffee”. He added. „If I didn’t meet you, I would probably stick to her thinking that she will change. But I will start from myself”. The blonde man got up, put a rose on the table by the window and went out. This time he wasn’t afraid of rain.


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