Harley Ride Across the World

Some people claim that the word „Harley” is synonymous with „freedom”. No matter if you are a big company’s accountant, a middle-aged teacher, a rebellious teenager, a mother to two children or… a priest. When you mount the machine, you are a Harley-rider in the first place. Everything else just fades into the background. There is only the road and the wind in your hair. Is this the only Harley’s appeal? Not only.

It’s not a motorcycle, it’s Harley!

Uninitiated people usually associate Harley with the motorcycle gangs covering vast deserts of the United States. And with bullies armed with chains and leather jackets – but this is a purely cinematic image of Harley-Riders. Obviously, there is some truth to it. A fast motorcycle facilitates a quick flight from sheriff and indeed Harleys were regularly used by some household gangs, including Hells Angels. Some people claim that „Heavy Metal” musical genre was invented by the „Angels” who used to baptize their mechanical toys with this name.

This extraordinary vehicle has quickly conquered American highways, and the Harley-Davidson company hit an incredible financial success, starting their production, as the legend goes, from the tomato can transformed into a carburetor. The engine’s designs have been changing and all the technical solutions are cherished by every connoisseur today. Harley brings not only a characteristic outline and sharply elevated wheel, as its engine is also uniquely designed. A forked Knucklehead is a good example, as it is a real treat for all mechanics and enthusiasts. But those who think that Harley is a stylish but outdated motorcycle are mistaken. Harley company is constantly developing new solutions, including the 115 KM Revolution engine. Only we can decide whether we’re going to invest in a collector’s machine for renovation or in a modern Harley. Now, I would like to add that sometimes old machines are much more expensive than new ones.

Currently, Harley-Riders have completely changed their image. Steel steeds from the Harley stable are mounted by students, doctors, politicians, corporation workers. They say that it is a retreat from everyday life. They establish their own associations, run charities, create their own subculture and treat themselves… as a family. The legend of „naughty boys” still prevails in our imagination.

Uncle Harley’s family

It’s a good thing to have an uncle from America, so when you enter the Harley family, just forget about boredom. When the motorcycle season starts, Harley’s and their owners hit the road, in large numbers mostly. In many cities people organize rallies of motorcycle riders. The biggest are planned in a big advance, but Harley fans muster very spontaneously. Harley ride is a goal in itself but very often the trip ends up with a barbecue, a meeting or a concert. Travelling on Harley, combined with sightseeing, especially during the Holidays. For sure, it is an interesting alternative for lying flat on the sun.

Harley-riders’ solidarity should be also emphasized. They help each other in need. A Harley-Rider will always stop to help the fellow enthusiast. They even come for the funerals, especially if the deceased died in a road accident. They are like an official guard, loyal until the very end. They act according to the rule „One for all, all for one.”

Harley is a quite comfortable motorcycle, and it’s fit for long journeys. On the road you can stop in the motels or on camp-sites. The Harley’s Capacity is its another advantage. Design of many models allows for transportation of much more equipment than in a sport motorcycle for instance. This is a machine designed for globetrotters and gadabouts, and as such is well adjusted to long routes. With Harley you can easily go abroad, to Western Europe preferably due to decently prepared tourist infrastructure and high-quality, safe roads. Harley wins the favours and facilitates communication. Very often people come to riders and ask about their machine. This facilitates finding a good lodging for a night and learning about local curiosities. It is better to go for a trip with a larger group, obviously after the prior machine inspection. The group ensures funnier, safer and more interesting experience.

One can also enjoy many attractions during huge Harley-Fans gatherings, e.g. Super Rally. Last time it was held in Wroclaw, where nine and a half thousand of Harley fans arrived. Similar flights are organized in Berlin and around other big European cities.

Can I become a Harley-Rider?

It is not true that the machine is very expensive and completely unobtainable for a person earning an average pay. Yes, you usually need to pay a few dozen thousand PLN for the motorcycle king of the roads. Sometimes, however, you can buy a second-hand machine abroad cheaper, even for a dozen or so thousand PLN. It’s not a small amount, obviously, but the Harley machine will remain your friend for a lifetime. Unlike standard motorcycles or cars, its value increases over the time, as it will always be an automotive vintage machine. If you want to own a motorcycle with the „soul”, invest in Harley.

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