The Mirror of Feelings

16 marca 2017 Marek F. 0

– He destroys me… Again. He’s doing this with increasing premeditation, ferocity. My pain gives me pleasure. I have already accepted the act of psychological […]

Small Hands

4 marca 2017 Marek F. 0

„Stop! Something just flashed in front of me!” I screamed to Thomas. Thomas pressed the brake pedal obediently. The car slowed downed so abruptly that […]

Raspberry Juice

26 lutego 2017 Marek F. 0

She was standing in the window. Cold wind was brushing her hair, temples, breasts, arms… „And what if?” „She hesitated and looked down”. She felt […]

Down the Stairs

23 lutego 2017 Marek F. 0

„Aren’t you afraid?” I asked because I saw fear in her eyes. „No.” She cut it short. She was sitting in a chair with her […]

Fading Ray of Hope

18 lutego 2017 Marek F. 0

„Hello Louis. I have brought your favourite book today. I know that you would gladly read it again on your own. But… Ok, Dear, just […]

Last Wish

17 lutego 2017 Marek F. 0

The last time he saw her was a week ago. Now he was sure that it is her. He still didn’t have an idea how […]